• Make sure that the switch on the side of the cooler and warmer is turned off, then plug the power cord into the socket.
  • Heating: set the power switch to HEATING. the red light will be on indicating the unit is in heating mode.
  • This car combines the refrigerator dual heating and cooling function using semiconductor without compressor or cryogenic. it has the advantages of being free from pollution, small volume, light weight, portable, long life and low power consumption.
Car Mini Refrigerator Portable Fridge 12V 6 L Auto Mini Car Travel Fridge ABS Multi-Function Home Cooler Freezer Warmer Cooling & Warming Refrigerator Car refrigerator that is different from ordinary household refrigerator is not the use of mechanical compression refrigeration compressor, instead of using electronic (semiconductor) cooling principle. And it does not produce pollution, also it is more convenient to plug into the car for power supply. Application :- 1. The banquet picnic camping at the lake 2. For taxi drivers to use 3. Cold medicines 4. Refrigerated fresh milk 5. Car travel 6. Refrigerated cosmetics Main Feature :- -The cooler and warmer car fridge is energy saving and Eco-friendly, Semiconductor refrigeration system, non-pollution, long life, low noise and consumption - Light weight and come with a strap, can be carried on the shoulder -Set to warm up to 65°C or choose to cool to 5°C, ideal for drinks, snacks and meals when camping -Designed to fit in the back seat of your car or floor -Convenient, plug into your car's 12V cigarette lighter - Flip top cover, convenient to put in or take out stuffs - 4 anti-slip foot pads on the bottom Product Package Includes :- • 1 x 6 L Fridge • 1 x Strap • 1 x Power Cable

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